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About Us

About Sweet Sounds

Nigel and SydNigel Adeyinka Onamade is the chief Audio Engineer and Producer of Sweet Sounds Productions.

Now based in Perth, Western Australia, Nigel previously worked as a live sound coordinator and projects coordinator for The Word in Sound Music Organisation in Nigeria in the early 90’s, before relocating to Singapore.

In Singapore, he studied Audio Engineering in the prestigious School of Audio Engineering (SAE).

Since then, his work has involved working on various projects on national TV and radio in Singapore as well as guest lecturing at the School of Audio Engineering, also in Singapore.

In Singapore, he was the Resident Sound Engineer for the Church of Praise, before joining Trans World Radio, Asia, in 1999 as the Regional Audio Engineer. In this role, he was responsible for setting up a total of 18 studios ranging from suitcase studios to fully fledged music ensemble recording studios in 7 different countries across Asia.

Nigel is able to understand your musical recording needs as he is also a musician himself, playing Bass Guitar, Drums and Keyboards on various albums recorded in Indonesia, Singapore and here in Australia.

Since relocating to Australia in 2006, Nigel and Sweet Sounds Productions have been involved in more than 50 music production events and projects in and around the Perth area of Western Australia.